• Digital Plan Review (DPR) is a Web Based Document Submittal, Review, Mark-up and Approval software product.
  • DPR product has been developed for those clients who are ready to make the change to a digital process, but not ready to part with their existing Permit systems.
  • It has full Digital Plan Review functionality. Please note that DPR is included in a GVF purchase.


  • Agency
    • Reduced Operating Costs
    • Assembly Bill-32 Compliance
    • Reduction in staff time
    • Proven Product: Installed & Integrated at Numerous California Jurisdictions
    • Paper to Digital Migration
    • Improves and Expedites Services to the Public
  • Improved and Expedited Services
    • Client Satisfaction; Improves & Expedites Services to the Public
    • Ability to submit Plans in real time and 24x7 (Up-All-Time)
    • Removes the need for applicants to travel to jurisdiction offices

Competitive Edge

  • Loyal Install Base
  • California-Centric
  • Intuitive to Use

Added Value

  • Mimics Municipality Workflow
  • Reduces Risk
  • Safe & Secure
  • Reduces Staff Time
  • Expanding Install Base
  • Available 24X7
  • Reduces Paper Waste

Both products are offered as Cloud-Based or Client hosted:

  • Cloud Based (More suitable for jurisdictions without the benefit of a dedicated IT team or where server space is at a premium. We take care of managing the data, freeing your team to focus on tasks at hand)
  • Client Hosted (Installs the database and application servers on your servers and may be most suitable for medium to large clients where an IT department is accessible)