GreenVue Fusion is a comprehensive Electronic Permitting, Document Submission, Digital Plan Review, Inspection Scheduling, and Code Enforcement!


  • Agency
    • Designed by Building officials
    • Simplified, Streamlined and Intuitive work processes
    • Reduced Operating Costs
    • AB-32 Compliance
    • Reduction in staff time requirements
    • Proven Product: Installed & Integrated at Numerous California Jurisdictions
    • Instinctual Workflow
    • Paper to Digital Migration
  • Clients/Applicants
    • Client Satisfaction; Improves & Expedites Services to the Public
    • Request, Pay, Update & Receive Final Approval, Online!
    • Ability to submit Plans in real time and 24x7 (Up-All-Time)
    • Removes the need for applicants to travel to jurisdiction offices
    • Removes the need for paper copies

Added Value

  • Saves Assets
  • Reduces Risk
  • Safe & Secure
  • California-Centric
  • Expanding Install Base
  • Loyal Install Base
  • Reduces Paper Waste
  • Available at a fraction of the cost
  • Improves and Expedites Services to the Public
  • Cloud-based or Client hosted

Tailored | Innovative | Proven

GreenVue Fusion has been designed to be easily tailored and allows for customization of report templates to ensure municipality requirements are met. It is a proven product which has been installed and integrated at numerous California jurisdictions.

Innovative Workflow

GreenVue Fusion's innovative workflow has been designed by a team of highly experienced Civil Engineers and Municipal Professionals that actively work with municipalities in order to understand their needs.

Cloud-based or Client hosted

  • Designed to be Easily Tailored
  • Meets the State Mandated AB 32 Requirements
  • Ability for GIS Integration
  • Compatible with hand-held devices
  • California-Centric
  • Loyal Install Base
  • Available at a fraction of the cost

AB 32 Compliant

GreenVue Fusion meets the state mandated AB 32 requirements. It is easy to use, highly customizable, available 24X7, reduces paper waste and is available at a fraction of the cost. The system not only improves and expedites services to the public, but it also reduces staff time for processing permits and reporting tasks.