What are some of the key benefits of using GreenVue Fusion?

  • Benefits to Agency
    • Reduced Operating Costs
    • Assembly Bill-32 Compliance
    • Reduction in staff time
    • Proven Product: Installed & Integrated at Numerous California Jurisdictions
    • Paper to Digital Migration
    • Improves and Expedites Services to the Public
  • Benefits to Clients/Applicants
    • Client Satisfaction; Improves & Expedites Services to the Public
    • Ability to submit Plans in real time and 24x7 (Up-All-Time)
    • Removes the need for applicants to travel to jurisdiction offices


Does GreenVue Fusion have a Competitive Edge?

  • Absolutely! We have a loyal Install Base, are California-Centric and our product is intuitive to Use!


Are there any added values that come with the purchase of GreenVue Fusion?

  • Yes! GVF mimics a municipality’s Workflow and reduces rick to projects
  • It is safe & secure
  • It reduces staff time requirements
  • Report customizations are handled by us so that you can focus on delivering services to the public
  • Use of GreenVue Fusion has been proven to reduce paper waste!


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